The 12 Hours of Sebring – 60 Year Anniversary

I just got back from one of the darkest, most evil places I ever been as a saved man: The 12 Hours of Sebring!

If you know anything about me, then you’re aware of my love affair with auto racing. I don’t care much for boats, or bikes, or other types of racing as much as I do NASCAR. Every single racing event I attend starts out with a prayer, to God, in reverence and worship of Jesus, the Christ.

Today, I rolled the dice on a new mission field, the American Le Mans Series which I assumed would host a similar crown to the Daytona 300 or 500 races, right? I could not have been more off. I quickly realized Sebring Raceway was not the ideal place to preach, pass out bibles or Christian tracts…

I praise God my daughters and wife were not present at the track, where pure evil reigned over purity. God spoke to me while at the track, and He revealed a plan by which His voice will be heard next year, and His word will continue to resonate loudly thereafter, for His glory.

Tune-in again from time to time to find out more about this divinely appointed endeavor.

P.S. I did manage to snap a few PG photos, enjoy! ;)

12-hours-sebring-parking 12-hours-sebring-vip-saturday-ticket 12-hours-sebring-jeep-wrangler-parking

12-hours-sebring-driver-helmet 12-hours-sebring-fat-guy-in-tiny-red-car 12-hours-sebring-lola-22

12-hours-sebring-bmw-m-power 12-hours-sebring-aston-martin-vantage-gte 12-hours-sebring-aston-martin-lost-wheel

12-hours-sebring-ferrari-458 12-hours-sebring-audi-turbo-diesel-r18s 12-hours-sebring-bmw-m3-power

Not Quite the Daytona 500 but Still a Superb Day!

We just got back from a most splendid road trip to Daytona Beach, the polar opposite of our home beach in St Petersburg, which rests on the peaceful Gulf of Mexico, clear across the sunshine state from our destination.

Today, we were first headed to Daytona International Speedway, where the good old boys (and gals) were having a duel… NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series qualifying type duels that is. We made certain to use the old mini-van as a billboard, for God’s glory! More people lifted up praises to the Lord with their horns than we could count! The girls loves it… :)

After we had our fill of roaring engines, high octane fuel and burning rubber, we drove on passed A1A, straight to the Atlantic ocean where we turned left and cruised for honks for a while. what a complete turn around than 20 years ago when I was spreading profanity rather than praise…

Enjoy the shots! We sure give praise to God for the road trip, and memories to last a lifetime and beyond…

daytona-500-2012-grace-stpierre-writing-on-van daytona-beach-2012-interstate-signs daytona-beach-2012-hello-friend-billboard

daytona-beach-2012-parking-sign daytona-beach-2012-parking daytona-500-2012-fan-zone

daytona-500-2012-budweiser-horses daytona-500-2012-girls-posing daytona-500-2012-grand-stand-campbell

daytona-500-2012-daniel-stpierre daytona-500-2012-faith-concerned daytona-500-2012-a1a-signs

daytona-500-2012-beach-toll-booth-attendant daytona-beach-2012-traffic-signs daytona-beach-2012-vw-beetle

daytona-beach-2012-elizabeth-and-trinity-jumping-waves daytona-beach-2012-daniel-and-faith-stpierre daytona-beach-2012-elizabeth-hugging-trinity


Katie & Brian’s Wedding Day, Historic Green Street Church in Englewood, FL

Today promised to be another glorious wedding day I felt blessed to be a part of. What I had not planned was the tremendous outpouring of God’s blessings in what turned out to be one of the most wonderful wedding days I have ever documented in photographs.

The bride, a young woman of true beauty, both on the inside and out, spoke traditional Christian vows to her beau, Craig, also a young man of strong, obvious faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The wedding took place at Englewood’s Historic Green Street Church, a fairytale wedding location I will never forget. The white, 200 year old wooden chapel is the perfect setting for smaller weddings.

Conveniently nested among a residential neighborhood only a few minutes from the Gulf beaches, the Historic Green Street Church has to be the smallest venue I can remember shooting, however what it lacks in size the church certainly makes up in originality and historical flair.

Without a doubt this location will be at the top of my list when discussing smaller venues with my clients for years to come. If you find yourself contemplating a the Historic Green Street Church in Englewood, FL, do hire a photographer with prior experience at this extraordinary location since this is by no means an easy place to successfully photograph. Trust me, I’ve been there!

Click here to view the Online Photo Album >>

Clearwater Beach Wedding Photography by Daniel Saint-Pierre

God’s presence was felt earlier today when Alexandra and William joined in holy matrimony just south of Pier 60, right on Clearwater Beach, FL.

From Alex & Billy…


We had such a wonderful, stress free day thanks to you two!! The photos look GREAT!!!

I love those close up shots and Billy keeps talking about how good I look in ALL the shots!!!

This was a day we will absolutely never forget. THANKS AGAIN!


View Alex & Billy’s photos here >>

Huge Payout on a Splendid Mission Monday! Praises to Yahweh!

Our Lord blessed the girls and I again today far beyond deserving. Out on a yet another phenomenal Mission Monday on Clearwater Beach, it was the drive to the beach that revealed to be this week’s biggest payout…

Don’t let the pictures fool you, today’s payoff cannot be measured in dollars.

First the obvious; Thanks be to the Almighty, I unleashed God’s thunder on the beach today!!! Hitting righty, then lefty, putting up walls at the net forcing opponents to shank spikes all over the place, Rhino and I didn’t win many games but we sure made a bunch of fans who wondered if we were “AVP or just real, real good players.”

See for yourself, it gets better…

Daniel Saint-Pierre, Beach Volleyball, Spiking, Clearwater Beach, FL Daniel Saint-Pierre, Beach Volleyball, Blocking Sign Daniel Saint-Pierre, Beach Volleyball, Blocking

Daniel Saint-Pierre, Beach Volleyball, Winding-Up Lefty Christian Tracts, Man Holding 50 Dollar Bills Christian Tracts, 50 Dollar Bills, Isolated Over White Background

While the fifties aren’t real currency, they’re Christian tracts we plant as spiritual seeds all over the beaches and theme parks we are blessed to count as our mission field. You see, among other activities, beach volleyball doubles as a ministry outreach, using scripture empowered $50 or Christian Worship CDs.

With 3 young daughters, our approach needs to be both passive enough to avoid conflict, yet aggressive to reach even the most hardened hearts.

Which area of Ministry are you involved in? Remember, ministry doesn’t have to hurt to bear fruit… and bleeding is not a requirement to go on a short term mission trip.

Get involved! God’s blessings await you in Ministry, and in Short Term Missions…