Jennifer and Steve’s Wedding at the First United Methodist Church of Dade City

Another typical church wedding turned extraordinary earlier today when I was blessed to document the wedding of Jennifer and Steve Long at the First United Methodist Church in Dade City, FL.

For starters, Dade City is picturesque enough on its own. Then as if an anointed church was not enough, both the bride and groom turned out to be spiritual examples for a whole new generation to learn from.

God’s plan for today not only included a phenomenal couple and their guests, our divine Father’s will turned out some of the most incredible church exterior shots I ever captured in photographs at a wedding.

I thank the Lord for such phenomenal photo opportunities and for the unraveling on His plan for my life as a wedding photographer. Today at the First United Methodist Church of Dade City, I came face to face with a wave of creativity made possibly by, of all things the weather and a building.

If you are contemplating having your wedding at the First United Methodist Church in Dade City, FL then don’t hesitate to book your date ASAP since this church is typically booked 2 years in advance during their busy months which are spring and fall.

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Mission Monday at Disney’s Hollywood Studios & EPCOT

Another week started with a bang, for God’s glory. A busy, early work Monday gave way to a pleasant mid-afternoon drive to Disney through the back roads of the sunshine state, as Faith and Trinity napped, and Grace had school with Elizabeth in the back of the van…

Today the Lord led the girls and I to Disney’s Hollywood Studios as well as EPCOT, where we continued to pour out God’s love through sidewalk chalk, in designated areas (we’re not vandals!) and by reminding Disney phone operators that “Jesus loves them!”

We snapped a few shots along the way, and are glad to share the joy with you…

Mission Monday at Pine Island Park, Spring Hill, FL

Today we were blessed to discover a new mission field, Pine Island Park in Spring Hill, FL. Less than 45 minutes from our driveway, this secluded location has everything we need to fulfill our mission to advance the gospel to the four corners of the earth.

First, the park has a beach. Then, a playground. Pine Island Park also has parking for only $2 after 4pm, which suits our napping schedule just fine. Showers, clean bathrooms and a cafe make this park the perfect location for just about anyone – except sexual predators, since local convicts have their pictures posted on a board by the bathrooms… :)

Here are a few shots from a very special, purpose driven day… enjoy!

Praises to God! Isaac Moved On!

I give praises to God almighty for sparing my family and I in Brooksville, FL by pushing the storm away from the Tampa region, and over the Gulf of Mexico where we hope the storm will calm down and dissipate before making land fall along the Louisiana coast.

Today, our lives are back to normal.

Faith Four Wheelin

That’s Faith, our 3 year old on the four wheeler in the yard enjoying the first dry morning we’ve had in 3 days… :)

The week ahead promises to be filled with countless blessings, in according to God’s perfect plan. We’re praying to those under the Lord’s judgment via Isaac. Only faith will prevail.