Glorious Mission Day at Disney!

Our Lord blessed Elizabeth, Grace, Trinity, Faith and I again today with a glorious mission trip to Disney, where we shared and ministered to people from all over the United-States. Aside from wearing a biblical shirt, I got to snap a few shots of the family… Enjoy!

Glorious Day at the Magic Kingdom Topped by Spectacular Fireworks

I put in a full day today, starting out with a Skype call from Australia at 4:00am. I wrapped things up @ work and we were on the road by 5:30pm on our way to a most spectacular evening at the Magic Kingdom, our first visit since the spring.

What made this outing unique, other than the time of day was our mission: Trinity had been talking about fireworks at Disney for what seems to be a year. For her birthday Elizabeth and I promised to take her to the Magic Kingdom to see fireworks. She’s turning 3 on the 11th, and last night was going to be the only fireworks display for the next 2 weeks so…. Enjoy!

This was only our second time staying at a theme park late with the girls, we typically leave Wesley Chapel around noon, and get to a Disney parking lot within 75 minutes, allowing ample driving time for both Trinity and Faith to nap. Elizabeth does school with Grace in the back of the van while I immerse myself in worship, prayer and a little solo brainstorming. Disney has always been a blessing in my life, I pray you will allow it to be in your life also.Read More