Glorious Day at the Magic Kingdom Topped by Spectacular Fireworks

I put in a full day today, starting out with a Skype call from Australia at 4:00am. I wrapped things up @ work and we were on the road by 5:30pm on our way to a most spectacular evening at the Magic Kingdom, our first visit since the spring.

What made this outing unique, other than the time of day was our mission: Trinity had been talking about fireworks at Disney for what seems to be a year. For her birthday Elizabeth and I promised to take her to the Magic Kingdom to see fireworks. She’s turning 3 on the 11th, and last night was going to be the only fireworks display for the next 2 weeks so…. Enjoy!

This was only our second time staying at a theme park late with the girls, we typically leave Wesley Chapel around noon, and get to a Disney parking lot within 75 minutes, allowing ample driving time for both Trinity and Faith to nap. Elizabeth does school with Grace in the back of the van while I immerse myself in worship, prayer and a little solo brainstorming. Disney has always been a blessing in my life, I pray you will allow it to be in your life also.

A Day at Disney, Free?

Did you know spending an entire afternoon at Disney having a wonderful time doesn’t have to cost anything other than gas money?

One of our favorite Disney World outings is spent doing the following over a 5 hour period:

1. Park at the Polynesian Resort (tell the gate attendants exactly what you plan on doing so you DO NOT pay for parking since you will not be using the Magic Kingdom parking lot!).

2. Enjoy a leisurely walk through relaxing tiki gardens on your way to the Ticket & Transportation Center (TTC) where you will find Disney monorails.

3. Board the monorail to EPCOT Center which takes you on a 45 minute journey through Walt Disney World and Future World, then back to TTC.

4. Hop on the ferry on your way to the Magic Kingdom and enjoy one of the best free feature on Walt Disney World property other than water and air.

5. Hop on a shuttle boat on your way to the Grand Floridian Resort (awesome at sunset!).

6. Enjoy a spectacular walk at sunset along a deserted tropical beach on your way back to the Polynesian Resort where you car awaits…

Anyway you slice it, Disney CAN be a somewhat righteous place to visit…

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