Joy and William’s Wedding at the Don Cesar Resort in Downtown St Petersburg, FL

If it had to be said, do allow me to be the one to say it: The Don Cesar Resort in St Petersburg ranks among the most endearing resorts I ever seen, period.

Earlier today I shot a wedding that truly moved me in ways very few wedding can, and have. My expectations were so high, in such an opulent venue I could only imagine the way the night was going to go down – downhill fast made possible by a vast, fully stocked with top brands, wide open bar representing chaos for everyone present.

Nope. Nothing. Not a single misconduct penalty! Except of course for the bride who got lovingly tipsy off a half flute of Champagne after eating next to nothing all day…

A solid brand of Christians put together an amazingly clean wedding where there was in fact, an open bar!

The character of the people present matched by the extraordinary professionalism displayed by the resort staff turned an event headed for disaster, into a truly blessed wedding I thank God almighty for being a part of.

My first photo opp at the Don Cesar was in 2002 if I recall, when I was blown away with the magnitude of the place considering its prime location along the Tampa Bay, overlooking downtown St Petersburg, FL.

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Jennifer and Steve’s Wedding at the First United Methodist Church of Dade City

Another typical church wedding turned extraordinary earlier today when I was blessed to document the wedding of Jennifer and Steve Long at the First United Methodist Church in Dade City, FL.

For starters, Dade City is picturesque enough on its own. Then as if an anointed church was not enough, both the bride and groom turned out to be spiritual examples for a whole new generation to learn from.

God’s plan for today not only included a phenomenal couple and their guests, our divine Father’s will turned out some of the most incredible church exterior shots I ever captured in photographs at a wedding.

I thank the Lord for such phenomenal photo opportunities and for the unraveling on His plan for my life as a wedding photographer. Today at the First United Methodist Church of Dade City, I came face to face with a wave of creativity made possibly by, of all things the weather and a building.

If you are contemplating having your wedding at the First United Methodist Church in Dade City, FL then don’t hesitate to book your date ASAP since this church is typically booked 2 years in advance during their busy months which are spring and fall.

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Elizabeth & Greg’s Wedding at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort and Golf Club

Another glorious opportunity to serve my Lord Jesus Christ revealed itself today, actually before a wedding I was appointed to lead in photography, as I found myself helping out with the garden wedding’s setup since the bride was running a little late and nothing was ready when I got there…

When I first arrived at the Renaissance Vinoy I was challenged with parking since there was a city event scheduled the same day, then the bride and her party were a little late getting to their suite.

By the time we finally got the preparation started, the guests were already pouring in and had nowhere to wait since the garden wasn’t quite ready to accommodate 125+ people just yet.

Once finished, the ceremony site turned out to be simple yet romantic beyond words. This wedding certainly had a DIY flair but given the venue, I’m sure no one noticed the silk flower bouquets and boutonnieres among such an extravagant garden, blooming with fresh flowers and tropical plants.

If you find yourself considering the Renaissance Vinoy Resort, located in downtown St Petersburg for your wedding, plan ahead and do yourself a favor, hire a wedding coordinator/designer to work out the details so you don’t find yourself running late at your own wedding… ;)

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Cameron & Ben’s Wedding at the Lange Farm in Dade City, FL

I have to admit, over the last decade I’ve shot shot more weddings at the Lange Farm in Dade City, FL than I can count. Today’s wedding was not only in tune with the excellence I am accustomed to, today’s wedding was simply divine…

The bride, Cameron, a 2nd grade school teacher and her groom, Ben, a young man of vibrant energy both spoke vows to love, and cherish and honer each other as they abide by the word of God and strive to advance His gospel through all means available to them.

The weather held up just long enough today to keep my Lange Farm record to 100% dry in spite of a few close calls, this one certainly being one of them.

Add delicious appetizers and an amazing Fillet Mignon entree to an already extraordinary venue and you have the perfect recipe for an amazing wedding.

I truly praise God for the opportunity to document Cameron and Ben’s wedding day at the Lange Farm, and I am grateful I was hired to shoot Cameron’s sister, Heather’s wedding as a result of the breathtaking coverage I provided at this wedding spectacular event, which took place at one of my favorite spots in the region, the Lange Farm in Dade City, FL.

If you find yourself contemplating the “farm” for your wedding, do so confidently knowing it ranks highly not only on my list, but on that of many wedding designers/coordinators throughout Central Florida.

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Another Spectacular Beach Wedding on St Pete Beach, FL

I was blessed to be part of yet another spectacular beach wedding earlier today, taking place at sunset right on the Gulf of Mexico. Majestic weather  made for more than a godly get together, the sun setting over the water painted a perfect backdrop for this beach wedding…

St Pete Beach ranks among my favorite spots, for its location and serene setting, both important elements of each public beach wedding. Don’t hesitate to call on yours truly for unique photo-journalistic coverage that’s glorifying to God almighty!