Failed Swim Test for Grace – I’m So Proud!

It’s been a challenging week, with some work days starting as early as 3pm. Today when Elizabeth proposed we hit the water park after naps, I had no trouble saying “Yes!”

Grace has been working on completing laps in order to pass her swim test, which in turn leads to a bracelet that’s your ticket to the 3 huge water slides. Our 6 year old successfully completed the 30 second treading water test, and the jumping test, and blowing bubbles under water, but failed to complete her lap. Still I was so proud of her. She wasn’t so happy on her way back with the bad news about failing her test…

We didn’t get to ride the big slides together, but we still had a phenomenal day made possible by God almighty. Snapped over 100 shots, that’s certainly not the best but it is what I want to remember the most, a defeated yet persevering child.

Look for shots of Gracie shooting out of the slides soon… :)