Picturesque Afternoon at Disney’s MGM Studios

I was blessed today to take the afternoon off and hop on over to Disneyworld where Elizabeth and Grace enjoyed their first time on Rockin’ Rollers, the world’s largest indoor roller coaster.

To top this excitement Trinity has been longing to try the New Toy Story 3D rideIt was AWESOME!!! By far one of the most entertaining rides Disney has come up with in years.

The drive started out challenging when I realized we were completely out of fuel. The onboard computer read 0 miles for 10 miles!!! Praise God we made it to a Shell station before running out. Add to the mix a juicy Disney pickle and you’re got yourself the perfect afternoon at Disney…

I hope you will enjoy the Quicktime VR photo arrangement above, simply click and drag any direction, zoom-in or out using your keyboard, it’s that easy!