Not Quite the Daytona 500 but Still a Superb Day!

We just got back from a most splendid road trip to Daytona Beach, the polar opposite of our home beach in St Petersburg, which rests on the peaceful Gulf of Mexico, clear across the sunshine state from our destination.

Today, we were first headed to Daytona International Speedway, where the good old boys (and gals) were having a duel… NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series qualifying type duels that is. We made certain to use the old mini-van as a billboard, for God’s glory! More people lifted up praises to the Lord with their horns than we could count! The girls loves it… :)

After we had our fill of roaring engines, high octane fuel and burning rubber, we drove on passed A1A, straight to the Atlantic ocean where we turned left and cruised for honks for a while. what a complete turn around than 20 years ago when I was spreading profanity rather than praise…

Enjoy the shots! We sure give praise to God for the road trip, and memories to last a lifetime and beyond…

daytona-500-2012-grace-stpierre-writing-on-van daytona-beach-2012-interstate-signs daytona-beach-2012-hello-friend-billboard

daytona-beach-2012-parking-sign daytona-beach-2012-parking daytona-500-2012-fan-zone

daytona-500-2012-budweiser-horses daytona-500-2012-girls-posing daytona-500-2012-grand-stand-campbell

daytona-500-2012-daniel-stpierre daytona-500-2012-faith-concerned daytona-500-2012-a1a-signs

daytona-500-2012-beach-toll-booth-attendant daytona-beach-2012-traffic-signs daytona-beach-2012-vw-beetle

daytona-beach-2012-elizabeth-and-trinity-jumping-waves daytona-beach-2012-daniel-and-faith-stpierre daytona-beach-2012-elizabeth-hugging-trinity