What is Micro Stock Photography?

Too often when I tell people the type of photography I do, such as stock, they get that look in their eyes as if I had spoken a foreign language.

While stock photography is simply shots of everyday people, objects or structures, micro stock focuses on closeups. Of course there is a lot more to micro stock photography than tight shots or 3 inch thick macro lenses.

Micro Stock is Both Art and Science

Though many micro stock photographers will argue, the basis behind successful micro stock photographs is indeed scientific. I won’t bore you with details, just take my word for it, there is a bunch of measurements and gauging that goes into each micro stock shot.

Believe it or not creativity goes a long way when Micro Stock photography is concerned. In the example above I purposely drew my focal point on the larger microchip which I picked as my epicenter of this circuit board.

Much like stock photography, micro stock can be quite a rewarding endeavor. It has worked well for me to date and am confident micro stock photo sales will continue to generate a steady stream of revenue for years, if not decades to come.