The Best Daytona Racing Experience in History!

I just got back from the best Daytona racing experience I ever had. From spectacular weather to rejoicing with my best friend and also my dad who flew down from Canada, this was a weekend I cannot imagine ever topping… See for yourself!

Stephan Trontin holding homemade beer bottle Daniel Saint-Pierre and Stephan Trontin toasting at Daytona International Speedway, February 2011 Daytona International Speedway New Pavement, New Asphalt

Pole Sitter Clint Boyer, Daytona 500, COPD 300, Nationwide Series Kyle Bush, Daytona 500, Good Year Blimp, COPD 300, Nationwide Series Kasey Kahne Praying, Daytona 500, COPD 300, Nationwide Series, Great Clips #38

F18 Super Hornets fly over, Daytona 500, COPD 300 Tony Stuart Pushing Clint Boyer, Daytona Intl. Speedway, Nationwide Series Daytona 500 crew member down pit road

Morgan Shepherd #89 COPD 300, Nationwide Series, NASCAR, February 2011 Tony Stewart, COPD 300 Winner, Daytona 500, 2010, 2011 Ferris wheel, Daytona Beach pier

Daniel Saint-Pierre driving on Daytona Beach, February 2011 Daytona Beach Boardwalk, Sepia Tone, February 2011 Stephan Trontin overlooking Daytona Beach

All in all the photos above cannot even begin to describe the blessings I experienced throughout this trip. Curious to see all 300+ photos from the weekend? Send me an email for a link to the photo album on Printroom… ;)