Food & Wine Festival at EPCOT

I put in a half day today and took the fam to Disney on what turned out to be a most wonderful afternoon.

Doing Disney with 3 kids is both an art AND science. Today for example Elizabeth and I split up at TTC after a leisurely walk through EPCOT where we thoroughly enjoyed fish & chips and cold beer. this was my first taste of alcohol in over 6 monthe, wow that was some tasty beer…

There went Liz, Grace and Trinity on their way to the Magic Kingdom via ferry where they would fulfill our mission to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ by writing messages of love on the promenade with Disney chalk. Faith and I would stay on board the monorail and head back to EPCOT where after a brisk walk to the Boardwalk, I picked up the van and drove up to the Contemporary Resort where I jogged to the Magic Kingdom gate.

A few hours of awe inspiring joy passed, then we met up with mom and the girls in Tune Town. After a little play time we headed back home… Another wonderful day at Disney serving the Lord almighty!