Day off – In the Backyard

The Lord blessed me today with a Saturday off, one of very few I get to enjoy being a wedding photographer and all… So today, I took the Nikon’s out in the backyard and captured candids of my daughters Grace, Trinity and Faith instead of brides and grooms.

From tree lice, that’s really well intended parasites out to clean out our giant oak tree, to bugs I’d rather not try to identify, let’s just call the gross bug Roger for old times sake, then a yellow stone standing out like a soar thumb in our rock garden, there’s so much to shoot in the yard it’s amazing!

Trinity got upset, Grace floated beautifully from the tree swing and faith made dump truck soup. Another day, another serious of gorgeous shots for Elizabeth and I to remember how God truly loves us, and how His favor is among us, sinners undeserving of such joy yet grateful for each moment spent together.