New Wedding Photography Course for 2012 – Thrive in Only 14 Days!

New for 2012: Complete Wedding Photography Course

I’m thrilled to invite you to my NEW wedding photography course website, designed to answer as many questions as possible about my new online wedding photographer course, which I unveiled earlier this year, and recently updated in May of 2012,  to great reviews.

Follow this link to learn a SECRET used by Professional Wedding Photographers, a SECRET that WILL earn you as much as $100.00 from Google, or $75.00 from Yahoo, paid to YOU to help you start promoting your wedding photography website…

This is a New, web based wedding photography course like no other…. Catch you there in 2 Seconds!

Merry Christmas to All!

To celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and in tune with an annual tradition, I would like to invite you to read our Interactive Christmas Card.

It’s been an awesome year to say the very least, blessings abound throughout the year as God’s plan continues to be revealed with each day, with each breath.

Last year on this day amidst the recession I recall praying for stability, essentially violating the principle of the biblical Parable of the Talents. My wish came true, now what?

With that in mind and the fact “getting by” is not the calling I’m answering to, my hope and prayer for 2011 involves both Health and Prosperity, God willing.

Have yourself a very Merry Christmas!

In Christ,
The St.Pierre’s