Peanut Butter Cookies and Milk

It’s not everyday I receive a book cover request for something I love to eat! This week, that’s exactly what the job entitled: Shoot Peanut Butter Cookies and a Glass of Milk.

I shot over 1,200 photographs this week, and countless video to boot trying to bulk up my stock collection as I fulfill a commission for clients or project fulfillment.

Here are the lucky winners, or at least the only two I have time to share…

In this project I actually baked the cookies following an online recipe, which Grace wrote down for me as I mixed the ingredients by hand, avoiding to use the mixer since mom, Trinity and Faith were sound asleep.

Since I didn’t refrigerate the dough, I ended up with bigger cookies in proportion to the milk element, which I envisioned in far-sight. God willing, the resulting shots will provide rumbling tummies for decades to come…

When God Gives You Sour Oranges…

…squeeze’em and make somewhat delicious freshly squeezed orange juice! What’s my point? Well you see the oranges were indeed from God, but they weren’t exactly eatable…

Over 200 oranges were offered to us by friends and neighbors who are blessed with overflowing citrus trees. Turn the offer into an orange picking party and you’ve got the perfect homeschooling outing

Top this outing with freshly squeezed orange juice and voila! Tart, seed filled wild citrus now poured into a glass as a refreshing, vitamin rich, 100% natural beverage. I’ll admit it’s a little on the sour side but other than that initial hair raising jolt of bitterness, the juice tastes fantastic!

There are no perfect solutions when it comes to Internet Marketing either. Those bound to succeed this year will know how to turn a bitter deal into a sweet, nutritious beverage… :)

Cookies by Grace

What kind of father would I be if I didn’t snap pictures of my daughter’s baking? So when my lovely wife Elizabeth showed me one of Gracie’s cookies I immediately ran for my Nikon and tripod. The girls did most of the works the least I could do is capture it with the same passion they put in making it possible for me to set my scene and shoot away!

I am truly blessed to have such amazing daughters, led by a godly woman I continue to thank God for each day. I hope you enjoy the photos, I’m off tot eh real thing and a tall glass of cold milk… :P

New Photography Studio in Wesley Chapel, FL

It’s been a glorious week at the studio and I am glad to report we will be having more “open studio” dates in 2011 thanks to a New Wesley Chapel Photography Studio.

With a unique “plug-and-play” setup this airplane hangar studio offers a cost effective photography studio rental solution in Central Florida and throughout Tampa Bay.

Just bring your DSLR, plug-in the wireless flash adapter and start shooting!

What started out as a stock photography endeavor has quickly become a popular destination for local photographers as well as producers looking for amenities close to small airports – How about right on the runway!!!

Ours has to be the most convenient photography studio for anyone looking to fly in, have a delicious catered meal, spend the day shooting then fly out with no commercial airport hassle whatsoever.

Are You Looking to Rent a Photography Studio in Wesley Chapel?

You’re one phone call or email away from an entire day of indoor photography bliss through our affordable photography rental studio located in Wesley Chapel, less than 30 minutes from the downtown core.

With all inclusive packages starting at only $250.00 per day, your next shoot will be a complete success thanks to top notch studio lighting equipment backed by industry leading photo editing software. Call 727.674.5681 to book now >>

What is Micro Stock Photography?

Too often when I tell people the type of photography I do, such as stock, they get that look in their eyes as if I had spoken a foreign language.

While stock photography is simply shots of everyday people, objects or structures, micro stock focuses on closeups. Of course there is a lot more to micro stock photography than tight shots or 3 inch thick macro lenses.

Micro Stock is Both Art and Science

Though many micro stock photographers will argue, the basis behind successful micro stock photographs is indeed scientific. I won’t bore you with details, just take my word for it, there is a bunch of measurements and gauging that goes into each micro stock shot.

Believe it or not creativity goes a long way when Micro Stock photography is concerned. In the example above I purposely drew my focal point on the larger microchip which I picked as my epicenter of this circuit board.

Much like stock photography, micro stock can be quite a rewarding endeavor. It has worked well for me to date and am confident micro stock photo sales will continue to generate a steady stream of revenue for years, if not decades to come.