Mission Monday at Clearwater Beach, FL

We were blessed today with another mission short trip to a local favorite spot, Clearwater Beach, the very beach where Elizabeth and I were married back in December, 2003.

CD I am Found by Craig ThompsonToday instead of passing out Christian tracts as part of our God given mission, we brought Graig Thompson’s CD single, “I Am Found.”

Since the CD insert contained awe inspiring content, it made perfect sense to replace our homemade tracts with the beautifully designed CD, a certain hit among those who will be blessed to give it a listen after a long day at the beach.

I took the time to shoot and stitch a quick panorama, do enjoy it below by clicking your mouse over the image and dragging your pointer any direction, or by using your keyboard arrows.

We are immensely grateful to almighty God for His outpouring of blessings in our lives and for His will which allows for such incredible outings, and the mission field He has entrusted my family and I with… the beach! How great is our God?

Mission Monday @ Tampa’s MOSI

With temperatures nearing 100°F today, we opted to take our weekly short mission trip to MOSI, in Tampa instead of treking out to Disney World where we typically like to do God’s work as a family.

The decision to stay local was indeed blessed by the Lord when we realized the load on highway I-75…

Hot Day in Florida Highway I-75 Congestion, Traffic, Construction Our Grand Caravan's Most Important Feature: Our Christian Fish Symbol

Grace Sliding at MOSI Grace Jumping Off Slide at MOSI

Elizabeth Playing Grocery Shopping at MOSI Faith Exploring Fake Corn at MOSI Trinity Playing Grocery Shopping at MOSI

MOSI is a better choice on hot summer days since it’s indoors and conveniently air conditioned. Plus since we have annual VIP passes, which are also a blessing from God and His will for our family, the girls get to go on any ride they wish. It’s funny how in spite of the VIP access we have the girls’ favorite place to play turns out to be the “Farm” area where they get to pretend they’re harvesting and grocery shopping for produce, taking after their shopping savvy mom Elizabeth whose tips continue to be a blessing to countless moms worldwide.

If you find yourself debating over a thrilling place for the kids to play as you engage with parents and pass out tracts, MOSI should be near the top of your list, specially during blistering hot Florida summers.

Mission Monday at the Magic Kingdom

Elizabeth, Grace, Trinity, Faith and I were blessed earlier today with yet another Mission Monday outing to Disney World where we strive to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ while having the best time of our lives. I so much prefer mission trips to the Magic Kingdom over Mexico or India, wouldn’t you?

Today we ventured out early to catch the park’s opening, a first for our family since most outings at Disney typically take place in the afternoon, as the 1 hour drive doubles as nap time for both Trinity and Faith while mom and Grace have school in the back of the van.

Our Lord blessed us with awesome weather and ample opportunities to witness and be examples of the faith, except for the hand stand I pulled down Main Street, I guess that was just showing off little… :)

Memorable Memorial Day at the Beach

Elizabeth, Grace, Trinity, Faith and I were blessed beyond measure again today as we trekked to one of our favorite beaches on what promised to be quite the busy day…

Memorial Day is always among of the busiest days of the year on Florida beaches, and today was no different. I’m not typically a huge fan of crowded beaches so to avoid the chaos we hit the road early, getting to the beach shortly after 9am.

First, the drive was simply awesome. Then, the beach of choice for the day, St Pete Beach had ample parking, a nice change from the typical parking war that takes place during summer months. Finally, the Gulf water was just right, both warm enough to jump right in and cool enough to be refreshing under a bright, hot Florida sun.

The girls got to play ring-around-the-rosie, Grace and Trinity got to jump waves and swim and collect seashells, I took a few minutes to catch-up on emails…

All is is this was one of the best trips to the beach we’ve had as a family of five, even baby Faith laughed and played in the small waves which had been intimidating her until today.

I praise God for this wonderful day and look forward to more glorious days on the beach… :)

Memorial Day 2011, St Pete Beach, Exit off I-275 Memorial Day 2011, St Pete Beach, Walkway to the Beach Memorial Day 2011, St Pete Beach

Memorial Day 2011, St Pete Beach, Playing Ring Around the Rosie Memorial Day 2011, St Pete Beach, Grace St.Pierre Soaking Memorial Day 2011, St Pete Beach, Daniel Saint-Pierre Checking Emails

Handstands at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Another glorious day at Disney comes to an end and today, the pictorial I want to share with you is 100% about me – Well not entirely I suppose considering the fact each photo was shot by someone else for a change: My amazing daughter Grace!

Grace is 6 years old. She has 2 or 3 cameras of her own but today, she strapped on the Nikon and took pictures of her dad pulling handstands at Disney World. This collection is about quantity and diversity, not at all quality. Never the less, in my book Grace gets the award for BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!

Follow this link to Enjoy Handstands at Disney World, by Grace St.Pierre >>